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CAD Design | Prototype/Mould Production | Thermoforming | Machining | Assembly | Local/International Shippping | Customs Clearance
CAD Design
Precise with Computer-aided design

The first step in the design process is that you have to supply us with a product concept. It doesn’t have to be complicated, some projects we’ve done started from a drawing on a napkin. From concept, we can create a CAD design model with detailed drawings.

CAD (Computer-aided design) is the use of computer software that assists in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design. The design can be easily modified to take into account all recommendations, including our own, based on our field expertise.

If you already have a CAD model or design, we can analyze the part from every angle, make recommendations and come up with a final design that is exactly what you had in mind. The next step is to select the type of plastic best suited for the part; we will guide through this process taking into account required strength and durability to more application-specific variations like light transmittance or resistance to UV degradation. We will help you select the best material for both your budget and your application.

We have a creative solution for you!

We install your mould, and program the thermoforming machine to the desired characteristics, such as oven temperature and heating time. Then, a plastic sheet is placed into the oven and heated. Once at forming temperature, it is removed from the oven, placed over the mould, a vacuum is applied so that the sheet takes on the shape of the mould. Some time is needed to allow the plastic to cool before removing the part off the mould.

Typically, several test cycles are needed to make adjustments to the various parameters, such as temperature, cycle time, and other forming requirements. All parts are carefully inspected to ensure that it is formed cleanly and to specification.

Heavy Gauge Thermoforming
Prototype/Mould Production
With the use of CAM
(Computer-aided manufacturing)

Next, we create the moulds and other tooling that will allow us to make the finished product. From the CAD design, molds are machined on our CNC machine, through the use of our CAM (Computer-aided manufacturing) that controls and increases the production processes with more precise dimensions and material consistency.

From our CAD design or your own 3D model that we imported and validated by our team, we will manufacture the mold which allows the part to be formed correctly and easily removed from the mould for increased efficiency. We also test the selected plastic material to be formed, to ensure that the required characteristic of the material/part complies with the mold design.

Moulds can be made from a variety of materials, depending on the complexity of the design, expected service life of the mould (volume), and other various requirements. Finally we test the mould for accuracy, measurements, thickness and overall quality of the finished product. We then submit the prototype for your approval and make any adjustments that you require to meet your criterias. Once signed off on the mould and plastic selection, we can start full scale production of your part.

No upfront tooling cost for some projects!
Let us know what you want!

After discussions about your project, we can mutually agree of a development cost (Custom design, tooling and moulds) that we can amortize on a firm purchase order volume. Any subsequent re-order, pricing is reduced as the unit tooling cost is already paid. With no initial capital outlay for tooling, you can increase your product inventory for increased sales.

Done with great precision

We can cut, machine, perforate or any other task required to further complete your part.

Local/International Shipping
We have customers throughout the world

If required, we handle all the freight/paperwork needed to get your product to its destination. We ship by land, air or sea. Products are shipped either in one lot or warehoused for lot releases as established by customers.

Heavy Gauge Thermoforming
You tell us what you want

We can also assemble your part with the integration of subparts-hardware that you supplied/specified to finish your product. That includes silk screening, painting and plating.

Custom Clearance
No hassles!

We handle all necessary Customs paperwork to ship the products directly to your door.